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CAAAS Research Study

Comprehensive Assessment of Autism and Associated Symptoms.

Family Time

Openings for Parents of
Children with Autism Ages 4-17


Validate a new comprehensive questionnaire for future FDA clinical trials that assesses both core autism symptoms and common associated symptoms (seizures, sleep disorders, gastrointestinal disorders, etc.)


  1. US Resident

  2. Parents of children ages 4-17 years with a formal diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder (ASD)

  3. Fluent in English


What does the study involve?

Parents will be asked to complete the following interviews/questionnaires about their child:

  • A 60-90 minute phone interview to validate the autism diagnosis of their child.

  • Completing a 15 minute questionnaire on autism and associated symptoms, and 10 mintues discussing it.  Two weeks later, filling it out again.

  • Completing 4 other questionnaires on medical history, autism and related symptoms (45 minutes).

  • Providing proof of a diagnosis of autism or autism spectrum disorder (such as a doctor’s report).



Participants will receive a $50 electronic gift card for participation.


Importance of this study  

Although many questionnaires have been developed for autism, they generally focus only on autism symptoms, and not the many associated symptoms (seizures, sleep, etc).  This study will help validate a new comprehensive questionnaire that can be used in FDA clinical trials and other research studies.


The study application is available here.

Participation of this study is voluntary.

Contact: CAAAS Research Team


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